Live Review: Boston Manor & Casey - Buyers Club, Liverpool 22/05/2017

Blackpool based pop punk newcomers Boston Manor brought a sold out show to Liverpool's Buyers Club. With a fantastic addition to the line up being Casey, I was keen to see what the night would bring.

From the off set, I was pleased to see that the Buyers Club was packed from entrance door to stage with people getting there early for Casey.

After seeing Casey at Impericon Festival earlier in the year I was eager to catch them again as their set was one of my favourites of the festival. Their set was full of emotional and heart hitting songs with the first few rows of the crowd finger pointing and with high voices singing back to them. I'm looking forward to more music from them, although their first album 'Love Is Not Enough' was the perfect example of the best set of songs to get them set for big things in the future. They are already well on their way to selling out their own headline shows even with only one album under their belt. 

Casey - Buyers Club - Liverpool

Next up, Boston Manor. The Blackpool four piece were ready to bring their catchy emo filled pop punk to their eager audience. There was not a person in sight who wasn't either singing along, dancing or getting rowdy in the small mosh pit that broke out. With it being a no barrier show it wasn't long before the fans got on to the stage to crowd surf. Boston Manor mixed up their set with songs from their first EP ''Saudade' and their first full length album 'Be Nothing' Which all was well received. I felt the show was full of big fans of the band as most seemed to know most if not all of their songs from start to finish. The band were energetic and engaged with their fans like they were family which was well reciprocate by the crowd who made the room feel even smaller with how active they were. 

Boston Manor - Buyers Club - Liverpool

Overall, it was a great show and a fun one too, which pop punk music for me represents and these two bands are sure to gain even more fans and friends with both of them playing more shows in the future.

Photography and Review by Jessie Jones