Festival Preview: 2000trees - 6/7/8 July 2017 - Top 10 Bands

As summer draws closer and closer, we are getting stupidly excited about the iconic 2000tree’s Festival just outside of Cheltenham. Every year the line-up tops the year before; this year they have done that and more, with every day having so many huge bands we cant keep count!

Thankfully we have cut down the hundreds of incredible bands to just a mere 10 that we think you MUST go check out if you are attending this year:

Fizzy Blood
Fizzy Blood are a band that are very quickly gathering steam, having just finished a sold out tour supporting While She Sleeps, this quintet from Leeds are smashing boundaries of what is said to be a rock band by delivering their own refreshing brand of retro-inspired rock n’ roll!! The bands live shows are similar to throwing a piece of meat to group of hungry lions, in a split second Fizzy Blood’s immense sonic power builds to overpower anyone who is there to witness it, with frontman Benji howling his grungy-punk vocals down the mic.
Strange Bones
Another more unknown band (but that’s what we love at WTHB), Strange Bones are a raw,gritty punk band who want to send a message to the whole world (especially Theresa May!). Having only released a couple of tracks so far, you can already tell Strange Bones are a bunch of raw and real musicians, with every new track having an even more catchy, vibrant chorus and smooth hook; these will are soon becoming classic punk anthems! Strange Bones are playing shows left, right and centre at the moment, so by the time 2000 Tree’s comes around their sound will be more polished than a new door handle.
Making Monsters
Making Monsters are on my must see list of artists at this years 2000 trees festival, purely down to the fact that the energy that they bring both musically and to the stage is something to be seen. Making Monsters have performed with the likes of Fightstar and Arcane Roots over the years as well as playing festivals such as T in The Park and even Camden rocks festival, as well as having a summer filled festival season too, so to be able to witness what the band are bringing to the stage at 2000 trees is going to be an amazing experience. If you like loud, heavy and energetic bands this is one of the ones I would suggest taking time out to see.
Gnarwolves are one of those bands that certainly know how to get a crowd moving and along with their punk style melodies this band is something to watch out for, especially as they’ve just released their latest album Outsiders. If I could say their set will be anything like when I caught them last time you are in for a treat, they will own that time on stage and you will most likely end up sweaty, in a pit (or in my previous experience kicked in the face, although I’m standing further back this time around) but hey they are such a good live band I wouldn’t recommend missing out on them.
The One Hundred 
The last time I caught The One Hundred live was back in 2013, four years later and the band have recently announced their upcoming album Choas & Bliss this year is going to be big for them. If you like a band that incorporates elements of metal, hip hop, rock and dance as well as a little rap too, this band is definitely for you. They certainly mix it up and their live set is definitely going to be something to remember.
In the last month or so I’ve started listening to Shvpes, and as soon as I realised they were playing this years 2000 trees, I had to make sure they went into this list. The band consist of heavy chords, vocals yet with the combination of clean vocals they work. I’m excited to see what will happen when they play this festival, but if their album ‘Pain.Joy.Ecstasy.Despair’ is anything to go by I will be waiting for pits, plenty of lyrics being chanted back.

Young Guns
Now what would a festival preview be without including a few headliners from the weekend. One of the bands to headline the festival are Young Guns, after the bands recent tour with fellow headliners Lower Than Atlantis they are preparing for festival season. Young Guns have always been one of those bands who have such an amazing amount of crowd interaction, and presence when they play that they will be one of the many artists of the weekend to stand out, and with them being on the stage the opening day, they are definitely going to be a band not to miss out on.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Frank Carter has had numerous bands in the past but nothing comes close to what he and The Rattlesnakes bring when performing live! The energy they deliver doesn’t lessen at any point during their set, with sing-alongs to circle pits to Frank getting bored with the stage and performing songs stood on top of the audience. Having just come off a completely sold out tour across the UK & USA to accompany their latest album ‘Modern Ruin’; frank and the boys are pumped up and raring to go! Playing not one but two sets at 2000 Tree’s this year, their usual crazy show and a quieter acoustic set on the infamous Forest Stage, both will be a spectacle to see, so be sure to either one or both (which I will be).

Slaves remind me of classic punk bands like The Sex Pistols, its loud, fast and instantly recognizable! Having only two members in the band, Isaac with his lyrical genius and ability to hit a drum mighty well and Laurie with his quick and extraordinary talent on the guitar, combine to create musical mayhem. Having huge underground and mainstream popularity, Slaves have played venues the size of your Nan’s living room to sold out arenas across the globe; from the banter between songs to the juggernaut of sound that they blast out of the speakers, every second of Slaves show is unforgettable!

Hopefully this short but super sweet list has helped anyone on the fence deciding if they should buy a ticket or anyone that is overwhelmed with the vast amount of bands to choose from. 2000tree’s Festival is going to rock the socks off this years festival season, don’t miss out!!

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