Band of the Week: Common Tongues #0010

Returning from last releasing music back in autumn last year, Common Tongues have developed an intrigue in looking towards the experimental and electronic styles in their newest release this year. The single ‘Pioneer’ from their upcoming debut album ‘Divisions’ impacts harder from their past material, highlighting intricate harmonies, searing violins and bubbling electronics. This all reveals some impressive immersive arrangements and lyrical themes of conflict, decline and rebirth.

Delving into the tradition of intimate singer-songwriting with deeply personal lyrics, Pioneer also reveals a different personality of underlying electronic swells and arpeggios matched by tasty guitar licks. A slow and dramatic build paces justly and the stunning emergence of dynamics of the entire band is blossomed in the new single.

Their debut record ‘Divisions’ was recorded with producer Gavin Monaghan (Robert Plant, Kings of Leon, Paulo Nutini, The Editors). The album sees the band growing out of their folk roots by experimenting with sound and rhythm whilst keeping the honest poetry of their lyrics and adventurous structures.

The band is set to play an album launch show at The Haunt on 16th June, to celebrate the release. With a show filled with charmers from this upcoming release, both the show and band are not to be ignored.

Stream ‘Pioneer’ by Common Tongues below

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