Album To Check Out: Hajk - 'Hajk'

Aaron Kent  spins some words on  Norwegian indie pop outfit Hajk's debut self titled album.

What does Hajk mean? I couldn't find anything for it - 'out of 5,743,017 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the name "Hajk" was not present.' Google translate suggests that it means 'hike' in Croatian, but I assumed it was Icelandic, clearly I was wrong. Or maybe it is just a made up sound the band really liked. An onomatopoeic instance of phlegm being brought up from deep within somebody's throat.

I'm not suggesting the band sound like somebody flinging a gross pile of mucus across the street, no, in fact they sound like the opposite - somebody helping an injured hedgehog cross the road. They sound like warmth and security, love and kindness, karate and friendship. This is a debut album filled with ethereal tones and sincerity, nothing like a big ol' gob of spit.

Don't worry, I'm not suggesting they should sound like a ball of saliva, no I prefer the direction they have gone in. An alternative name may help destroy this theme I have in my head, but what do I know? You might love the name, it might bring to the fore a vision of fighting the night and championing the sun. Me, I think of a giant goober. And there is a small issue with this whole reviews, I'm kinda lost in a swirl of band names, grasping at different titles and seeing if they've ruined bands before. Now Radiohead are giants of their genre, but is it a good name - would Thom Yorke and the Troll Toll be better?

Probably not.

Get this album though, it's pretty great. And it's probably only me that dislikes the band name. If I think of them as 'hike' rather than what I am pronouncing 'Hakk', then it sounds better. It's an earthy walk through the wilderness with friends, and a joyous dance at a child's birthday party. I'm just being petty about the name, it's actually ok. You know what? Hajk is good, Hajk are good.

Just don't get me started on Mumford and Sons (terrible band name, even worse band).