Album Review: Kamikaze Girls - 'Seafoam'

The new Kamikaze Girls album is titled 'Seafoam', which tackles the subject of the struggles that have been thrown at them and such things as anxiety, addiction, and loneliness, is something they have tried to make sense of, but they still lingers.

It feels like it wasn't too long ago that Kamikaze Girls put our the Sad EP, so it is amazing to see a band like this work hard and so quickly. However unlike their previous release, feels somewhat louder and gritty, while throwing in a hint of peace thrown in.

Album opener 'One Young Man' starts off gracefully, until it throws you into an ocean of full blown reverb, showing that it only takes two to make some noise. Despite being a duo, the band manage to sound like a full blown orchestra. Which is something we have always admired in them. Livingstone's vocals are more grounded, we adored how it previously growled into their music, however we see her singing style taking different angles this time, adding more dimensions to her voice that we hadn't seen previously.

Recent single Berlin, shows drummer Connor Dawson's skills to its full capacity, a stable powerhouse while also packing a punch.

'Teenage Feelings' is our favourite track off the album, as it combines the old with the new, everything we loved about the band when we first stumbled across them, while also chucking in everything they are about now. Grunge with a melodic vibes, fuzz with a clean flow.

The album throughout sees the band in a more positive light and it shows as they have put what we feel is one of the best alternative albums so far this year.

Review by Ant Adams