The Video Explained: MesAlfie - 'Must See New York'

We spoke to Alfredo Serafini of  MesAlfie and animators Francesco Rita and Valerio Immordino about the imaginative visuals for MesAlfie's poginant single, 'Must See New York'.
Taken from the album 'Hey Super', Must See New York' is a heartfelt tribute to NYC from the perspective of a tourist post 9-11. 'Must See New York' is a tender offering, gently orchestrated and through its use of pure and natural, swelling, arrangements, it's clear MesAlfie's purpose is to connect emotionally.

MesAlfie Explains:
"The video was animated by Francesco Rita and Valerio Immordino. I met them thanks to some of their previous work/videos that seemed very interesting to me.  I have always loved animated music videos. Radiohead, Daft Punk, Gorillaz are just the main examples. In the case of 'Must See New York', however, the intent was mainly to dissociate my image from the story. I wanted the message to remain impersonal, and that the music and the words were not necessarily associated with a 'face'.

The Animators Explain:

"We decided to create an atmosphere in a clear contrast to the song and so we agreed not to explicitly apply a 'picture narrative '. The lyrics, in fact, are already very descriptive on their own.

The video is set in a far-away future, where everything is far from our understanding, but less gloomy than it is usually represented. We liked the idea that an object of the past (like a radio) could travel through a decayed New York where nature and colors took over. ".

Interview feature by Karla Harris