The Video Explained: Close Talker - 'Waking Up'

Canadian Alternative three piece Close Talker share the visuals for blistering indie rock single, 'Waking Up' taken from the band's new album, 'Lens'. 

The Video Explained:
Filming in January in Saskatchewan proved quite difficult. With long days in -30 degrees, a hyper dog, freezing cold water, limited daylight, and blatant trespassing on several properties, the stakes were high. Not going to lie, on day one of shooting we were detained by the police for both trespassing and mischief (for carving Close Talker in the stair treads). Following some sincere apologies and prairie charm we negotiated our way to being able to speak to the homeowner. We explained our project to the kind farmer and our idea for the opening shot (which included the wood carving, or as far as the courts are concerned, vandalism and defacing of property). His response was, "oh ya, that is pretty cool". He gave us keys to the gate and said we could continue using the old abandoned house if we promised to be safe. Thanks Doug. Other than some minor hiccups and fear of tipping a canoe or acquiring hypothermia, the whole experience was pretty great and really new to us as we had never directed anything before.

Most of our videos our abstract and don't follow a linear plot, but we thought it was due time to dream up a concept that is hopefully engaging, while also featuring this desolate beauty found in the barren lands of Saskatchewan in the dead of winter. We felt that leaving some questions unanswered in the video would prove more effective than overexposing things. Who is she trying to communicate with? Where is she going? Why did she have to leave the dog? This last question truly bothers some people, my mom especially. We wanted to keep the concept simple and have a fast paced cut to showcase the urgency in her pursuit of something... we'll call it hope. The turning point in the video follows this despair leading to a fresh start - something that we think most people can relate to at some point in their lives. We were very fortunate to work with a talented new actress Sarah Hundeby and our dear friend and skilled filmmaker Dale Bailey who made this idea come alive.

- Matt

Tour Dates
May 23 - Mainz DE - Schon Schoen
May 24 - Stuttgart DE - Cafe Galao
May 25 - Munster DE - Rotel Lola
May 26 - Wetzlar DE - Kulturzentrum Franzis
May 31 - Berlin DE - Privatclub
June 1 - Rotterdam NL - V11
June 2 - Zwolle NL - Hedon
June 3 - Hulst NL - Vestrock Festival
June 7 - Basel CH - Le Parterre
June 8 - Cologne DE - Stereo Wonderland
June 9 - Paris FR - Le Pop-Up du Label
June 10 - Hamburg DE - About Songs Festival @ Knust