The Pick Me Ups - 'Turn It Around' (Single)

Virginia four-piece The Pick Me Ups shares 'Turn It Around' taken from their 4-track, self-titled debut EP.

Formed in 2016, The Pick Me Ups are Jake Mainwaring (vocals/piano/guitar), Raleigh Heckel (lead guitar), Alan Wakefield-Thompson (bass), and Tony Cornicello (drums) whose sound is rooted in rock but combines a funky, fresh contemporary feel.

'Turn It Around' is my favourite track taken from the EP. Fuzzy bass lines and subtle percussion gives the song life, adding a cool groove to the track for Mainwaring's charged vocal to creeps around instrumentation with sensual rock ease, seeing a front man firmly deserving of his place.

While the track largely takes on a modern feel, 'Turn It Around' debuts arena appeal, although it takes on anthemic without becoming gimmicky. Towards the end of the track, there's a more classic feel to the song as the first riffs of an almighty electric guitar session makes an epic appearance.

'Turn It Around' sits nicely alongside the Brit Pop-esque 'Tomorrow' which reminded me of somewhere between Stereophonics and The Verve, the innovative indie disco track, 'Blinded' and the slow burner that is 'Need For Me' which ends on a powerful bridge/final chorus. Overall, The Pick Me Ups' debut EP is a versatile blend of rock, pop and funk, playful in all the right places with a side reserved for seriousness.

Words of Karla Harris

The Pick Me Ups' self-titled debut EP is now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.