The Duo Explains: Ohyeahsumi - 'Snowflakes' (Video)

LA based duo Ohyeahsumi provides some insight into their DIY visuals for lo-fi, bedroom pop single 'Snowflakes'.

'Snowflakes' is a captivating 1:43 seconds of gorgeous vocal effects and hazy, mind-bending production taken from Ohyeahsumi's new 6-track E,P Your Friends Are Looking For You , out now via Sports Day Records.

Written, recorded and performed solely by the duo, 'Your Friends Are Looking For You' tells the story of love, lust and heartbreak against the back drop of their bedroom and the urban sprawl of LA.

Ohyeahsumi Explains:
Where was the video for 'Snowflake' filmed?

It was filmed near the Box Springs Mountain in Riverside, California. It's this little hilly area that leads to a pretty gnarly hiking trail. Back in high school, we used to hike up to the rocks that spell out the letter "C" on the mountain. It's definitely a favorite hangout among our friends.

How does the video/ footage compliment the song?
The song is sort of a letter, a bit about pent up emotions, a bit about romanticizing the idea of someone that could be dangerous to you. We're not really sure if that translates into the video, but the story that we wanted to tell in the visuals was the aftermath an emotional explosion. We'd like to let the people watching fill in the gaps about exactly what that emotional explosion is, but we always saw beating a pinata up as a way to redirect anger, sometimes a way to say the things you can't say to someone in person, kind of like a letter would do. Don't know if that makes sense or not lol.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Quite a few! The hike to find that perfect tree to hang the pinata on was a struggle! Lots of tall grass, hissing of snakes (probably just our imagination). Also our friend Dina, the model in our video, killed the pinata in one shot! We were hoping she would hit him a couple of times before he fell, but one shot of the golf club was all it took.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
For the most part, there is a transition in the song that we want to convey. Deep and heavy to a bit lighter at the end. It's a process of letting that pent up emotions out, and the imagery of the pinata getting broken open may be that. We don't know, might sound a bit pretentious to be honest. But we wanted Dina to completely let go of her inhibitions once the pinata was down to match that second half of the song.

What is the message you hope people take away from watching the video? 
People are free to take away anything from the video, really, there's no right way that we want them to look at it. I hope in a way they can relate the visuals to how they interpret the song and how they're feeling on that particular day.

Thank you for having us!

Interview feature by Karla Harris