The Band Explains: To Kill A King - 'The Good Old Days' (Single)

To Kill A King talks to us about their brilliant new single, ‘The Good Old Days' available to stream now and impacting on 23rd June.
From its ominous hymnal-esque opening, to its glorious climax, 'The Good Old Days' is a beautiful and bleak 3 minutes and 39 seconds of  dynamic and suspenseful indie folk. Following on from 'The Problem of Evil', 'The Good Old Days' is the second single to be revealed from the band's forthcoming third album, due for release in the autumn.

To Kill A  King Explains:
'The Good Old Days' is about the dangers of nostalgia, I worry this idealising of the past can get in the way of your present. It's too easy to view things in a rose tinted way and then nothing in your current life can ever live up to that because in truth it never existed.

This song was written by myself and Anders Grahn about 2 years ago. We actually had a different artist in mind when beginning the song but as it went on I felt like it was something special and was reluctant to let it go. I played it to the rest of a lads in To Kill A King and they agreed it was something we should make our own. The wonderful Gethin Pearson produced adding the bit of magic he always does.

Feature by Karla Harris