The Band Explains: Get Inuit - 'All My Friends' (Video)

Photo - Phoebe Fox @shotbyphox
We speak to Get Inuit about their brand new music video for 'All My Friends', featuring frontman Jamie running around London trying on the personality of a (slightly manic) clown!

'All My Friends' makes use of driving guitar pop melodies in combination with this biting indie grit, which sees the track unleash a tongue-in-cheek assault on the social norms of growing up, from a resistant, outsiders perspective.

The band are also putting on a headline show at London's Dingwalls this month, where they’ll be showcasing their blistering and energetic set on Thursday 25th May, following a sold out show at The Lexington at the start of the year. Full dates at the bottom of the page!

Get Inuit Explains:
Where was the video for 'All My Friends' filmed? 
We spent a day running around London trying not to get into trouble, and the next day at a single house. The crew managed to turn each room into a different scene. It was madness!

How does the video/ footage compliment the song?
I think it strongly shows the struggle some people have of accepting (or in my case, not accepting) adulthood. It is quite a common theme to have suspicions that we’ve turned out a little differently to our friends.

Any behind the scenes stories?
My family came out in force to help with the shoot providing some Oscar worthy performances from my niece and nephews. The challenge was getting the children to act afraid - as they spent the whole film shoot bullying the film crew for more sweets, as well as spending their whole lives walking all over me!

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The song’s message is quite warped. It calls out all of the people that have matured to the point of losing what made them so great. But it's all from the point of view of a very jaded and unhappy person. There is no right and wrong, just frustration and the imagery of an unwanted clown was a perfect fit to bring that thought process to life!

What do you hope people take away from watching the vid?
Whatever you do, don't grow up! Unless you really want to, then go right ahead!

Catch Get Inuit live:
25th May - Dingwalls, London
8th July - 2000 Trees, Cheltenham
22nd July - Truck Festival, Oxfordshire
4th August - 110 Above, Twycross
12th September - Boardmasters, Cornwall
13th August - Picturedrome, Holfirth (w/ Ash)
15th August - Brickyard, Carlisle (w/ Ash)
16th August - The Welly Club, Hull (w/ Ash)
17th August - Central Station, Wrexham (w/ Ash)
19th August - Sin City, Swansea (w/ Ash)
20th August - Academy 2, Leicester (w/ Ash)
21st August - Chinnery’s, Southend-on-Sea (w/ Ash)
23rd August - Concorde 2, Brighton (w/ Ash)
24th August - Cheese & Grain (w/ Ash)
3rd September - Bingley Music Live, Yorkshire
23rd September - Underground Festival, Gloucester