Single Review: Maria Kelly - 'Torn Into Two'

Irish singer-songwriter Maria Kelly shares 'Torn Into Two' taken from her debut EP 'The Things I Should', out now via Veta Records.

'Torn Into Two' opens ambiently seeing, swirling string arrangements meet gently plucked guitar work before Maria Kelly's delicate vocal takes flight. The track takes on a hazy tone, as Kelly navigates through her unadulterated emotions whilst injecting vivid and earthy folk imagery into her songwriting.

The track reminds me of lazy summer days of outdoorsy dreaming, laying in a lush field, watching the clouds pass by. While there's this utter sense of serenity,  Kelly's frail tone holds a sadness, her words are raw and personal, and through the hushed, unrushed delivery, Kelly is completely and utterly captivating.

Words of Karla Harris