Single Review: Emerald Portal - 'OneHundredTwenty'

Los Angeles based duo Emerald Portal shares 'OneHundredTwenty', the second single taken from their forth-coming EP, 'Trouble In Paradise' due for release June 23.
Emerald Portal is the Indie-Psych-Alternative Rock project of Thomas Ouziel  and Brad Rundblade -  a sound designer and screenwriter who have created a sound unsurprisingly influenced by their cinematic backgrounds.

 From its placid yet engaging jazzy arrangements, to its layers of post rock infused guitar work, somber keys and aching vocals, 'OneHundredTwenty' is an auditory experience full of exploration.
Spacious in all the right places, cinematic in others 'OneHundredTwenty' is a sincere and thought provoking 3 minutes 11 seconds of sound. While the track ends rather abruptly and there's a feeling of relative restrain and control throughout, this effect isn't particularly offputting. Instead, Emerald Portal leave their listener on a cliffhanger, wanting to hear more.

Words of Karla Harris