RINNGS - 'Cutting The Cloth' (Single)

London based multi-instrumentalists RINNGS make an immediate impression with debut single, 'Cutting The Cloth'.

Comprised of the perfect storm that is Karl Zine and Nai Jannson, RINNGS refreshing take on the process of music making sees the duo remove traditional instrumentation, in favour of using only vocals and percussion. Resulting in a euphoric blend of alt pop, with a lyrical realism escorting a journey through the highs, lows and ordinaries of life. After a chance encounter on an empty transatlantic flight reignited conversation between the two acquaintances, band members Zine and Jannson decided it was high time they joined creative forces.

 RINNGS were born mere months later, Zine lending his smooth vocal talents and rhythmic drumbeats with Jannson both combining efforts to create a unique flurry of electronica. Listening to this debut, you would not expect that the pair have roots in choral composing, conducting and jazz drumming. A sweet atmospheric bliss surrounds the track and it’s weirdly infectious with the song’s lack of instrumental layers, the vocal and percussion production fills this emptiness justly. Get listening to this one.

Words of Marge