Live Review: Underoath & mewithoutYou - Rock City, Nottingham, 03/05/2017

Underoath takes Nottingham's Rock City by storm as part of their EU/UK Rebirth Tour, seeing the band play albums 'They’re Only Chasing Safety' and 'Define The Great Line' in their entirety, with mewithoutYou joining them on the whole run. 

How often do one of your favourite bands tour their two most successful albums, rather than showcase their new material? This evening was set to be a nostalgic dream for many – metalcore favourites Underoath had resurrected from band retirement in 2015, hitting UK venues for the first time in a long time!

Support act, experimental rock seven piece mewithoutYou quickly found their place at City. The clear focus throughout their performance was vocalist Aaron Weiss, whose vocals were nothing short of incredible. To portray such a wide vocal range is a difficult task, but Weiss absolutely killed it. From a spoken section of the performance, to the clean vocals, and even the short spouts of scream; this guy knows his own strength. The crowd quickly adapted, with those arriving late bopping their heads from the second they stepped into the main hall. Personal favourite 'January 1979' showcased experimental vocals similar to Modern Baseball’s Brendan Lukens; an enjoyable take on an increasingly popular genre. For me, an extremely impressive performance.

Mewithoutyou - Rock City- Nottingham - 3/5/17

The last time Underoath graced Notts was over 7 years ago, yet their stage presence catapults us all straight back into that era; this huge crowd signified the ‘rebirth’ of this band, and it was a pleasure to witness. 'They’re only Chasing Safety' was up first, with opener 'Young and Aspiring' sounding as nostalgic as you’d expect. Playing this album first meant most of the fan favourites were coming up at the start of the set, sending the crowd into madness. The strum of 'A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White' begins, and the sing along commences. Pairing those familiar screamy vocals with such a lively stage presence made for an amazing performance from these guys. It’s clear to see the importance of this album with both the band and the crowd. Vocalist Spencer Chamberlain ultimately commands the stage, throwing around his microphone and getting stuck in with the ecstatic crowd. 'Reinventing Your Exit' yet again commanded the crowd, with Chamberlain’s vocals sounding as impeccable as seven years previous.

Underoath - Rock City - Nottingham - 3/5/17

A small break, filled with televised teasers meant that 'Define the Great Line' was on its way. Soon enough, all members were back on stage, catapulting into opener 'In Regards to Myself'. This album clearly takes on a heavier approach, which is welcomed with open arms this evening. The next forty minutes signified breakdowns and riffs galore, with personal favourite everyone looks so good from here opening numerous pits in the crowd. For me, Chamberlain’s vocals excel on this release, taking on a much more experimental style which certainly pays off in live performance.

And who could forget about clean vocalist Aaron Gillespie, who nailed each song with ease, sounding as amazing as ever. 'Writing On the walls' was a clear example of this talent, slaying the drums whilst holding each note.

A thoroughly enjoyable performance which took me back to my emo phase all those years ago. Props to Underoath for still killing after all this time.

Words of Cait Briggs and photos by Ryan Winstanley Photography