Impericon Festival, Manchester 17/04/2017

Impericon Festival brings a line up of heavy rock to Manchester. With a line up this good, there's no wonder Manchester's Academy 2 sold out for the rock all-dayer; Showcasing the best in the hardcore and metal scene the festival was full of angst and passion for heavy music fans 

The day began with Hardcore band High Power who brought high energy on to the stage and immediately engaged the crowd hyped up ready for the day's events. 

Next up with Casey showing that heavy music can also be melodic and full of passion with their set showing the crowd their new material 

Napoleon were after who surprised me with being the favourite up until the final acts to grace the stage as I could see they were just as excited to play for the crowd as the crowd were to see them. Definitely ones to watch out for and I hope to see them at their own shows 

Being As An Ocean were the stand out band of the whole festival for me. They played songs old and new and I felt that the lead singer connected with the crowd the most out of all of the acts. From singing to them from the barrier to getting stuck in the crowd. The music and lyrics they produce is something to be seen and heard and I urge anyone who sees their names on a line up to check them out. They're unlike any other band with the emotion and passion of their songwriting capturing the crowds to the individual musicians playing their part in the band perfectly in sync. 

Overall the festival was definitely one I would choose to go to again, even without knowing a few of the bands I would know that the organisers would put on music that fans would love and could come down early to check out.

High Power

High Power - Manchester Academy 2 - Impericon 2017

Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean - Manchester Academy 2 - Impericon Festival


Casey - Manchester Academy 2 - Impericon Festival

Brutality Will Prevail

Brutality Will Prevail - Manchester Academy 2 - Impericon Festival


Napoleon - Manchester Academy 2 - Impericon Festival

Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth - Manchester Academy 2 - Impericon Festival

Words and Photography by Jessie Jones