Heron - Archives (Single)

Following on from the overwhelmingly positive review of ‘Drop’, taken from Heron’s 2017 debut ‘You Are Here Now’, the Pennsylvania post-rock collective are gluttons for further WTHBlows scrutiny with subsequent track ‘Archives’.

While ‘Drop’ was indeed an impressive shift between prolonged calm and hard-hitting storm, ‘Archives’ is a little more immediate in its initial delivery, throwing in a powerful opening moments from the off. Very much reminiscent of early This Will Destroy You (love that band..), the slabs of instrumental flourishes quickly grab the listener and raise expectations of ensuing life-affirming musical peaks and troughs.

After some more sublime guitar work, the track breaks down into a series of clean rhythmic chord patterns, accented by neat drum work. While one might have been tempted to throw more distortion to proceedings, Heron again underline the restraint at which they confidently apply to their music by allowing things to stretch out, running with the theme of feel-good instrumental vibe. Each time Heron threaten to reach for the stratosphere, the band pull back and, ultimately, let the track fade out in an reflective wash of background ambience.

Overall, another polished and mature offering from an act that sound far removed from a fledgling band finding their feet. Impressive.

Words of DS_convertible