EP Review: Veridian - '40826D'

Brit alt-rockers Veridian release their debut EP, '40826D', out now via Primordial Records.

Intelligence exudes from the music of Reading band Veridian, as they’re all equipped with lively minds. Their sound is infectiously broad too, offering an insight as well as packing a punch. This clears up any chance of repetitiveness, as monotonous sounding music can drag you through a slog. The burning question is this though? Is their debut EP '40826D' a collection of songs a shining beacon of diversity? Well, there’s no worries here, as the tracks all have their place. There’s no brittleness or breaking ends. All of these contributions work.

It’s great to uncover a gem. A band proving their worth, breaking the shackles, straying from their comfort zone. Veridian have resisted the cocoon and are displaying a brilliant spirit and sound. The EP is a success. A marvellous opus made to entertain but also to inspire. The inspiration comes from the act’s mind-sets, as there’s words which convey emotion and busted pride. This adds a sense of insecurity, a sense of pessimism. But, you’re not going to be listening to someone melt away or fall, you’re going to hear sentences uniquely written out.

And that’s why Veridian are special. They let the listener delve into their world through the words which are spat through the microphone and are written down on a page. When listening on, you’ll travel through an abundance of snapshots in your mind. The song-writing muscle is evident and so are the instrumentals. They’re not rushed or battered, they’re played with intricacy and great intent. The riffs are pure, the drums thump and the whole arrangements are emphatic. From the wonderful
wordplay of 'Sleep A Little Better' to the rock charm that is 'Ink', you’re in for an almighty treat.

Words of Mark McConville