EP Review: Seasonal - 'Bloom'

Mark McConville reviews 'Bloom' the debut 5-track EP from Guildford Pop Rock newcomers, Seasonal

Crystal clear vocals and empowering lyrics are evident here. A shuddering hint of hope passes through, but it’s not all blissful, as there’s a pattern of pessimism evolving. With that said, the dreamy exterior isn’t patchy or peeling, it’s pure and immaculate.

This all comes from a band who’ve learnt the cycle. The ways of life, through the lyrical content, they’ve painted a picture and have written notes which offer an insight. And to be true to yourself you must go through turmoil and hardship, and its clear Seasonal have seen the darkness before the light.

'Bloom' is their debut EP and it strikes with poignancy. Not only does it take the listener through a journey, it carries a sense of longing. There’s peace but also anger, The contrast is memorable. Through the thickness of the rage, lies broken shards of misery, and you know what, it’s brilliant.

Certainty starts proceedings. A song which dazzles and tells a pain-fuelled story. The vocals are subtle at first, the lyrics take hold and the riff pieces it all together. It’s a quality start to an arresting EP. How are they supposed to carry on? 'Three Games' is another grandiose offering. It charts a destructive path. The protagonist yearns to end those disheartening games. He’s walking down a dark road, preparing to lose it all. The instrumental arrangements are as powerful as before. 'Homeward' is masterful and somber. It features an engaging riff and exceptional vocals. It is an emotional and sentimental piece.

Seasonal are a talented band. From the blitz of those infectious guitar strokes to the heartrending lyrics, they’re truly at one with their sound.