Single Review: Monks In The Wood - 'Symbiotic Love'

Monks In The Wood shares 'Symbiotic Love' the title track taken from their newly released debut EP, out now via Spinnup.

From the moment you press play, it's clear 'Symbiotic Love' is a special kind of song by a special kind of band. Relatively uptempo, 'Symbiotic Love' shines with a majesty and a jovial nature that is rather more optimistic than the lyrical tone. That's not to say everything else is sweetness and light. There's a sense of intrigue in the affecting arrangements, layered enough to be nothing short of spectacular, whilst retaining this dark, chugging folk ethos in its undercurrents.

 Monks In The Wood  use their instruments and their words like weapons, affecting in a multitude of ways. The idiosyncratic lead vocal finds emotional connectivity, the harmonies are spine-tingling good, chalking 'Symbiotic Love' up as arguably the most endearing track on the EP.

 'Symbiotic Love' as a full EP debuts a whole lot of versatility and intensity. From the sneering indie rock vibes of opening track, 'Gods Our Age', to the soulful indie funk of closer, 'Fate No More' Monks In The Wood do an exceptional job of showcasing their wide range of influences and the many moods their music incorporates.

The band are about to go back into the studio to record their follow up EP, which will take a different route, having  a much more chilled and relaxed vibe, DIY production and brand new songs. You can also catch Monks In The Wood live at Into The Wild Festival this July as well as playing shows around the UK this summer and Europe in Autumn.
Words of Karla Harris

Listen to the entire 'Symbiotic Love' EP on Spotify,  here.