Single Review: BRVTHR - 'Here We Are'

Songwriting and production duo BRVTHR returns with new single, 'Here We Are'.

Very little progress seems to have been made on the mysterious "who is BRVTHR" front since they released their debut single 'War' back in February, but as long as we're getting new music, who needs a press release... right?!

Follow up single, 'Here We Are' shows a slightly different side to the duo. Less sprawling and cinematic, 'Here We Are' trades the evocation and intensity of 'War' for a lethargic, acoustic folk rhythm with minimalist production.

'Here We Are' bobs along with a calming lull, finding beauty through simplicity, showing BRVTHR to be as equally accessible stripped back as they are when they are making a bolder statement, like with the haunting, dramatic, flourishes displayed in their debut.

Words of Karla Harris

'Here We Are' is out now and available as a free download via the instructions, here


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