Band of the Week - FOURS #0006

Our first Band of the Week this May is London band FOURS, who's new single 'Stella' came out this week!

 'Stella'  is the follow up to recent singles 'Fade To Love' and 'Sickly Sweet' which have racked up over 2 million plays on Spotify The band have also recently sold out their headline show at London's A Thousand Island.

On the track lead singer Edith Violet explains, "It’s calling out all the sleazy men that go out on their own, wait for you and your girls to get drunk, then spend the night non consensually dry humping your leg and ignoring your repeated rejections. Fuck you, and get off my arm.” -

The track, despite it's meaning, is filled with the typical FOURS vibes of pure dance floor groves that we all love here at WTHB. With a number of festival appearances this summer, we guarantee you this band will be a massive hit with everyone who catches them live.