Westing – 'I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself' (EP)

Westing releases new EP, 'I Haven't Been Feeling Myself', departing from their previous quiet acoustic sound and introducing a whole new intensity as they expand into a full band post-hardcore sound.

Matt Mascarenes is a wordsmith of the highest order, his diction is flawless and his play on misery is unique, as he points his fingers at a world which is cascading at an alarming pace. He’s honest when he sings and bellows, orchestrating a fight for survival and peace as well as letting his listeners know what he’s thinking. Thoughts can be like little bombs, ticking away, ready to explode. And Mascarenes has many he wishes to fall from his head into the hands of truth. His eyes see the destruction and his music is his aid, a beating heart capable of saving the lost and scarred.

The singer/songwriter has moved from a solo acoustic setting and has added volatility to his masterstrokes. There’s electric guitars sending shock-waves, electrifying every moment. There’s drumming that would wake unflinching souls, and there’s commanding energy. And Mascarenes started this solo project Westing in 2015. He created acoustic cuts, shining gems with meaning and focus. Now in 2017, there’s the addition of a band of talented people who add pulsating instrumentals.

The words are still the prominent feature, the poetry a continuous beacon of hope. And on the new record 'I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself', Mascarenes showcases his credentials admirably. The tone, the imagery, the plot of his story truly enchanting, as well as the darkness that seeps through. 'I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself' is a poignant, emotional collection of songs. From the abrasive and guitar driven 'Skipping Beats' and the riff influenced 'Burn', there’s so much to admire. The guitar trickery and powerful bellows add a spark of beautiful chaos.

Matt Mascarenes is a master of his art and Westing is his baby, and with the addition of instrumental wonderment, the project has been taken up a notch.

Words of Mark McConville

'I Haven't Been Feeling Myself' is out now and available for free download via Westing's Bandcamp page.