The Band Explains: Youth Killed It - Molly (Video)

We had a little chat with Youth Killed It about their latest single "Molly", which is about the singer's cat (seriously!)

Where was the video for 'Molly' filmed?
Molly was filmed in the seaside town 'Wells-Next-The-Sea', it's a place thats quite close to our hearts, we've spent many days drinking on the pirate ship in the dock.

How does the video compliment the song?
The song was meant to be a fun take on being a pet owner and spending time and growing attached to something that makes your whole house smell bad, much like children. So the video was also made to reflect the fun and loveable nature of having a pet cat. Our drummer Ben is a crazy cat dad, Jack has Molly and Carlos has a kitten called Kubo, if you want some pictures we'll send them.

Any behind the scenes stories?
We filmed some of the video on an old rope swing in the middle of a forest and Carlos kicked Harry the camera guy in the head by accident. Ben won 50p in the arcades!!

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used? 
Cats, Carlos dressed as a cat, ice cream, seaside, sand getting everywhere.

What is the message of the video trying to convey?
That whether you're a human or a cat you should be friends and support each other, like friends do!

Catch Youth Killed It in May when they head out on tour!

13.05 - Southampton, Hanger Farm Arts Centre 
14.05 - Manchester, Satans Hollow 
15.05 - Leeds, Santiago Bar 
16.05 - Leicester, The Shed 
17.05 - Norwich, Epic Studios 
18.05 - Birmingham, Subside

Feature created by Ant Adams