The Band Explains: The Franklin Electric - 'Someone Just Like You' (Video)

Montreal-based alt-folk band The Franklin Electric talk to us about the power of dance as a catharsis, as seen in their visuals for 'Someone Just Like You'.
 'Someone Just Like You' plays with emotion and dynamics in such a way that it is equally as restrained, ambient and lulling as it is uninhibited, aching and urgent. The track is taken from the band's sophomore album, ‘Blue Ceilings’out now and available here.

The Franklin Electric Explains:
"After a very strange hot hazy emotional 24 hours with barely any sleep, I found myself in a Melbourne alley with a friend who happened to have his camera on him. My mind was racing, I was honestly completely broken-hearted from a relationship that had just ended and he wanted to film something. I just decided to dance, trying to free my body from the feelings and turbulent thoughts."
-Jon  Matte (Singer, songwriter, producer).

Feature by Karla Harris


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