The Band Explains: The Middle Coast - 'Some Way' (Animated Video)

Canadian trio The Middle Coast speak to us about the ideas behind their food-themed animated video, 'Some Way'.
'Some Way' is an upbeat, keyboard-driven song featuring catchy harmonies and summery melodies - the perfect addition to any picnic weather playlists.

The Middle Coast Explains:
How did the idea to animate the video come about?
It was somewhat inspired by the little animations Father John Misty did for his singles! I loved the simplicity of it. It puts the focus on the music while giving people something visual to grab onto. Videos also have great reach on Facebook, which is nice.

My favourite part is that nothing really happens. Just basic movements. People always think something is going to happen. Nope.

How does the video connect to the song?
The video doesn't so much connect to the song as it does the general theme. Our album cover is the three of us making food together, so pretty much everything about the promo for the album is food themed. 

When you think about it, life is kind of food themed. So much of what we do is centered on eating - when we eat, what we're having. I'm actually a cook who does music on the side for money.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The whole album is centred around this very DIY image. We recorded and produced the album ourselves for the most part, with a little help from a few great local studios and producers Howard Redekopp and Murray Pulver on a few tracks.

The video's hand drawn lo-fi aesthetic plays into that theme. In fact, it was a couple of friends of ours Jeremy and Crystal that made the video. The food theme was kind of an analogy for the album. We made it bit by bit over the course of a couple months, but the songs range from songs we wrote at 15 years to songs we wrote four months ago.

So yeah. Food. DIY aesthetic. Songs. Picnics. That sort of thing.

What message do you hope people take away from listening to the track and watching the animated video?
Well, 'Some Way' is a yearning sort of breaking up/wanting to get back together sort of song, and if you can draw some sort of connection between that and eating a picnic, please let me know.

It's really more about the general vibe and aesthetic of the whole promo strategy than a meaning for this specific video. Maybe next time we'll think about it a little bit more and come up with something more meaningful;)

Interview feature by Karla Harris