The Band Explains: Karma Club - 'Timelines' (Single)

Bath four-piece Karma Club  recently spoke to us about their debut single, 'Timelines' taken from their debut EP 'Smile It's Good For You, out now via Funnel Music!
Combining atmospheric new wave influences with balmy noughties indie rock, Karma Club's debut EP is 4-tracks of timeless, groove-laden indie pop,  championing strong bass hooks, chiming guitars and this easy-listening appeal that is effortlessly contagious.

Karma Club Explains:
We tried something new when writing ‘Timelines’- a lot of our songs have been written along the ‘verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle - 8, chorus’ structure which works really well and makes a great pop song but we wanted to take a risk and play around with the structure and we think it worked pretty well! The sound was born from the guitar riff, which came from a piano riff written by Tom that we fell in love with, but we had an issue transferring it to a guitar because of how finicky it is. After a bit of practice we got it down and the rest of the song fell into place. We’re chuffed that this is the first song of ours that people are going to hear, as writing it always felt like a big achievement for us.

The lyrics are about finding your own way through life and not basing your happiness on what other people think of you. Even your best friends and partners will let you down every now and then, and Tom’s lyrics essentially say that the best thing you can do to be happy is to be a strong, independent person!

We hope people respond well to the song; that they have a bit of fun while listening to it. We’re really excited to keep playing around with our sound and release more music! This is only the beginning for us, and we have a lot more planned.

Feature by Karla Harris
'Smile It's Good For You' was produced by Bruno Ellingham (Massive Attack) and can be purchased/stream via several digital platforms, here.