The Band Explains: EXRCM - 'Dizzy'

Berlin-based five-piece EXRCM talk us through the ideas behind their music video and emotive alternative rock single, 'Dizzy'.
This song is part of a project consisting of three videos, where each video tells the story of three different people of Berlin. The goal of the songs and videos is to show how different people are in the world and to prove that everybody has a story to tell.
EXRCM Explains:
Where was the video for 'Dizzy' filmed?
This video was filmed all over Berlin, especially in the underground.

We recently moved to Berlin, so we wanted to show some parts of the city.

How does the video/ footage compliment the song?
The song tells already a story, we wanted the video to do the same. We tried to represent in the video the life of a person, that we considered the most alike to the story described in the song.

Any behind the scenes stories?
On the day of the shooting, we went to Samuel’s apartment for the first time. We were immediately amazed by the view of the city. The video wouldn’t be the same without the blurry city lights in the background.

That day Samuel told us something about his past.

“When I started to dance, I had no mirrors. I always had to wait until it was dark outside before starting practicing, in this way I could see my reflection in the window. The window has been my mirror for a long time”

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
An incredible amount of lives brushes against each other in the underground before breaking up into infinite branches across the city. We decided to represent this image by narrating, in our next EP, the stories of three people, who have nothing in common apart from sharing for a really short period of time the same journey in the same underground.

We wanted to be completely truthful, we wanted to describe the lives of these three people as they were. So we didn’t use any script. We just let people be themselves and show how they really were.

This is the reason we call the three videos of the EP: “Video documentaries”. They document the lives of three people, no filters and constructions are used. The stories are told as they really are.

What is the message you hope people take from watching the video?
We would like people to realise that behind the faces of everybody, a huge, mysterious and unique system of experiences, goals and dreams is hidden. It’s obvious, but a lot of people don’t realise it. They just don’t pay attention on the millions stories that surround us everyday. But if people considered them for one second, they would smile at the thought that so many different lives can be contained in the small and simple spaces of an underground.