The Artist Explains: Melis - 'Love Song Idea' (Single)

Berlin/Prague singer-songwriter Melis speaks to us about, 'Love Song Idea', the first single released from her new solo project.

'Love Song Idea' sees Melis' crystalline vocal exposed up against a stripped back guitar-led sound. As warm and tender minimalist electronic production provides additional layers, its easy to recall the feeling of bittersweet moments of reflection - toe-deep in sand, looking out on an expansive blue sea, watching the waves meet the shore, pull away, then come back home. Over and over again.

Melis Explains:
Could you talk us through the ideas behind the making of the song?
I wrote the song on my resonator guitar, only alternating between two strings.
It came to me very naturally, I think I wrote it all in one day with very little changes afterwards. I was inspired to write a song about love that wasn't full of clich├ęs. Just honest and realistic because that's the way I've experienced it.

Where/ how was it recorded?
I recorded it in my bedroom. The vocal was done in one take and the production is rough, but my hard-drive crashed and the whole file got deleted before I could finish it. So this is what I ended up with. But I like it this way, I think there's some magic in the rawness of it.

What are the lyrics depicting?
It's a dialogue between two people who feel bitter and fed up with each other, but despite this, they can rise above the situation and still care for one another.

What can we expect to hear from your upcoming 5-track EP? 
The writing on the EP is personal to me and all the songs come from various experiences that affected me personally in some way or another, It's very authentic and I'm extremely proud of these songs. I co-produced it with Josh who I've previously worked with, but made sure the soundscapes are reflective of me and my vision, although I wasn't really sure what the vision was until I heard what he'd come up with in the studio.

I just wanted the production to be timeless and contemporary at the same time to match the songwriting and the aesthetic. For more details, you're gonna have to hear it! All I can say is, I love it when the music is a result from coming of age.

Is there a message you hope people take away from listening to the song?
I hope I can make the listener see that we're all going through the same things in life, and that its totally OK to be emotional sometimes. Hopefully people take the positive side away though; accept and forgive others and move on because in every bad situation there is a lesson to learn that will ultimately enrich you and make you a better person.

Interview feature by Karla Harris