slenderbodies - 'anemone' (Single)

Californian duo slenderbodies offer a multi-sensory experience in, 'anemone' taken from their new 5-track EP 'Fabulist'. 
slenderbodies introduce themselves to any new fans with a Facebook bio that quite simply reads "indie-pop duo~obsessed with falsetto~" - a quaint simplicity that leaves the duo open to as much interpretation as the music that they make.

Last year, the outfit released their debut album 'Sotto Voce'. but it is with 'anemone' that I make my first introduction.  Breathtaking guitar picking marks the start of the track, before slenderbodies immerse their listener in aquatic sonic flourishes, displaying all the colour and versatility of the hidden water-dwellers that lurk in the murky depths of our seas (or on display in an aquarium near you).

'anemone' is an eclectic blend of  natural and melodic noises cleverly layered to simulate the feeling of pure, oceanic, bliss. slenderbodies thoughtfully make use of avant-garde/ art rock influences that would make even alt j blush, as this pair of self-confessed falsetto enthusiasts sing with a lead vocal and harmonies so bewitching, it doesn't even bother me one bit to admit that I can' quite make out all of the lyrics on the bits that I definitely know are human words!

From a quick listen to the entirety of the EP, slenderbodies have lovingly created their own oceanic Fantasia, within 'fabulist'. An EP in equal parts majestic as it is playful. As intricate as it is no-frills. What is this wizardy that goes by the name of slenderbodies?

Words of Karla Harris

'fabulist' is out now via  Majestic Casual Records,