Live Review: Mona - Oslo, London 28/03/2017

Nashville 5 piece MONA restored all our faith in rock n roll with a set full of head banging, foot stomping, sing a long bangers!

MONA took to the stage welcomed by what was a clearly a loyal, devoted fan base who appeared to instruct the band on which songs to play as apposed to the band having any choice in the matter. It was within a second of one song finishing, the crowd were belting out the harmony to the next one. 

Front man Nick Brown even compared the night to a young lover excited over what's to come after taking a girl home. "There's a condom on the night stand so stop your worrying. It's gonna happen, just be patient" as he assured the fans the track "Teenager" was in the set after what felt like an age of fans chanting for it.

It's very rare that a band seem to be genuinely humbled by the audience infront of them, but MONA expressed their love for everybody that made it down and delivered a performance that blew everyone away.

Featuring tracks from the band's self titled debut album such as "Lean Into The Fall", "Pavement" and "Say You Will". Mixed in with songs that feature on their new EP "In The Middle" which is out now. All held together with a taste of the band's second album "Torches & Pitchforks". MONA are just one of those acts you can trust will take you on a journey. It wouldn't even matter if they chewed you up and spat you out at the end of it all. Because it would be entirely worth it.

Every time these guys are in town I would go as far as to say I would sell a kidney to see them. Which would be entirely unnecessary as ticket prices are still very reasonable for their shows. So if you do nothing else this year, look out for a MONA show near you!

MONA - Oslo - London - 28.03.2017

Words and Photography by Daniel Hills of Project92