Live Review: Dreamshade - Boston Music Rooms, London 26/03/2017

We caught Dreamshade at their London date of the Vibrant Euro tour in the Boston Music Rooms. 

Flat blue lighting is all that first support Subversion use. The tech-metal djenters are strangely energetic considering the twenty or so people in the crowd. Frontman Jay rips through the growls of their half hour set with guitarist/ clean vocalist Kai covering the higher end of the range. Stood right next to the speakers, if not a bit behind – my ears are protected somewhat from the ridiculousness of their bass drops which reverberate through the venue like an earthquake. The riffs hit hard and drums hit harder; Subversion warm up the stage for The Royal, if not the audience.

Subversion - Boston Music Room - 26/03/2017 - London

The Royal from the Netherlands incur more of a response from the crowd, perhaps from frontman Sam’s request at the beginning of the set for everyone to take a few steps forward. With a more metalcore sound, The Royal are electric. They’re obviously still very humbled to be on tour in the UK, and take no prisoners whilst performing on stage. They call for circle pits and jump around with monstrous abandon, engaging with the audience in a way that truly sets the scene for Dreamshade. 

The Royal - Boston Music Room - 26/03/2017 - London

The Swiss melodic-metalers Dreamshade are worth the wait. Their set covers material old and new from “Photographs” to recent single “Where My Heart Belongs”. A moment of note include the appearance of the band’s original singer Iko who joins them on stage for “Wide Awake”, after which they jump into the crowd to sing and dance with the audience. Seeing a band get so close to their audience truly makes me smile – it’s how gigs should be. They finish their set and retire to the merch stand where they meet their fans. As a band I’ve been aware of for quite some time I’d expected a larger crowd but numbers are one thing; those in attendance really fill the room with energy.

Dreamshade - Boston Music Room - 26/03/2017

Words and Photography by Rhys Haberfield