Live Review: Doe - Kamio, London 04/04/2017

North London three-piece Doe brought their distortion pedals in full force as they supported Lvl Up at London's Kamio earlier this month. Our photographer Ant Adams was there to capture the action.

Firstly, we love Doe. So we maybe a bit biased in this review.  However, they are awesome.

Since we last saw them, they have been on a right old adventure, with them heading off to SXSW  in Texas earlier this year. We caught them at London's Kamio, one of the tour dates where they are supporting Lvl Up.

Tonight sees the band play faster and grittier than we have seem them before, not that it's a bad thing. Doe are louder, heavier, and grungier, which gives them even more stage presence. Jake's drumming tonight is like a powerhouse, with Dean's distortion and Nicola's crisp vocals, Doe are a band on the edge.

The trip to the States has certainly brought back more confidence in the band and it shows on stage as they rip through a beast of a thirty minute set. We also get ot hear some new material this evening, which sees a more melodic angle however it still contains that 90s Sub Pop vibe we love about Doe.

This year sees the band developing into something major and after a performance like that we are not surprised.

Words and Photography of Ant Adams

Doe - Kamio, London 04.04.2017