'In The Van' - Twelve Foot Ninja

We had a chat with Twelve Foot Ninja guitarist Rohan Hayes, about the perks of touring and what is on the tour bus stereo, before they head out on the UK run of their tour next week.  

1. You are heading out on tour soon, what is the first five things you pack for it and why?
R: I’ve packed 3 things so far: Hand sanitiser, Plastic Bags and Nurofen. They’re all quite self-explanatory. My next two essentials will likely be my bloody passport (not going too far without it) and a bag of almonds. There’s only one way to keep a bus tidy and that’s through ‘The Almond of Truth’, where if anyone leaves any of their belongings that is larger than the size of an almond in a communal area on the bus, they’re punished with 30 burpees (alternatively they can buy it out $10 cash). Person with the least offences at the end of each week pockets the cash. Yeah… Can’t forget the almonds.

2. Spending that amount of time in a van must have its ups and downs. What is your best and worst tour memory?  
I have fond memories of crashing at Jose Mangin’s joint in New Jersey. The dude’s passion for metal is bloody infectious and I’d love to go back to his house for a few cheeky tacos and margaritas… Worst tour memory…that’s a toughy pal, you’re going to have to leave that one with me.

3. Does anyone have any disgusting habits on the tour bus? Who has the worst smelling socks?  
See, this is why you have The Almond of Truth… Less dealing with this kind of stuff.. Generally and hygienically speaking, everyone is pretty good. We all still have our bloody quirks, don’t we? Damon tends to be the one leaving random shit like wallets, headphones and chargers all over the place. Stevic (AKA ‘Mal’- Stevic’s drunk alter-ego) got a bit on the sloppy side of drunk during a U.S run and managed to make the bus smell like sardines for the rest of the tour by rubbing it through the carpet (attempting to clean it up).

4. What is the best thing about touring?  
Getting to focus on the one thing. We all get carried away juggling our day to day lives and touring allows us to focus on just playing shows. I tend to come home with a lot of ideas from tour, so that as well. We’ve also met a lot of bloody nut bags (I mean this in the best possible way) along the way, so the people you meet and the places you see that really stick in your mind are a part of what’s good about touring.

5. What is on the tour bus stereo? 
Most likely a 30 second preview of contrasting artists. We’re an annoying band to be in control of the stereo. This is some of the stuff that’s come up during our recent road trips or in some form of discussion.

Check out the Twelve Foot Ninja Spotify playlist below

Catch Twelve Foot Ninja on tour this month

Tuesday 11 April – Audio, Glasgow UK 
Wednesday 12 April – Think Tank, Newcastle UK 
Thursday 13 April – The Flapper, Birmingham UK 
Friday 14 April – Rock City Basement, Nottingham UK 
Saturday 15 April - Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes UK 
Monday 17 April – The Underworld – London UK