I AM WILLOW - 'Oceanful' (Single)

London based, classically trained singer-songwriter I AM WILLOW reveals new single 'Oceanful', following her 2016 release 'Satellite'.

Some songs find their way into your life and then leave again. Inconsequentially. Like a light summer drizzle that doesn't quite soak through to the skin. Easy to shake off and move on from. Others, like the music I AM WILLOW is making, hits hard, like torrential rain that just appears out of nowhere -  generating this great big heavy flood of feelings. Awaking a thunder of emotions that catches you off guard, and as you desperately search for shelter, you know it's already too late, You're already unsettled. You're already soaked through.

Showcasing a fuller sound than its predecessor, 'Oceanful' is both the calm before the storm, and then the savage, destructive tempest that follows. The attention to detail in the production is incredible.  Emotive classical instrumentation becomes contemporary alongside forward thinking electronic touches and vivid lyrical imagery ,as I AM WILLOW's vocal expands into a mesmerizing, tumultuous force of its own. Soaring softly, before growing bolder, fiercer, becoming as expansive as the ocean.

As 'Oceanful' meets its climax, unleashing a cathartic maelstrom of  thrilling, cinematic sound, it's clear this is an artist fully in control of her own unique identity, with the ability to orchestrate her listener into submitting completely to the sound and every single emotion that it begs of you to feel.

Words of Karla Harris