HAUS - 'Say What You Say' (Single)

London five-piece HAUS shares new single ‘Say What You Say’ taken from their forthcoming EP, 'SWYSEP'.

 'Say What You Want'  marks the third track to be revealed from HAUS' forthcoming EP, 'SWYSEP'  following hot on the heels of 'Levels' and 'Gave You All'.

Where 'Level's and 'Gave You All' have this nervy, all consuming, intensity to them, 'Say What You Say'  sees the band strip away some of that seriousness and urgency found within the textures of the soundscape and envelop a balmy, uplifting arrangements and a carefree spirit, where even Ashley Mulimba's incredible, distinctive vocal seems to soften on the hook.

On the track the band state, "We wanted to address the self-contradictory system we live in today. We live in a world built from thought, but it's almost frowned upon to think outside the box. We use words like 'war' as a mask to make murder acceptable, and to try and prove that killing is wrong. We ALL know the way we are living is unacceptable, but we fear to do anything about it."

As we have come to expect from HAUS, 'Say What You Say' is another song of profound meaning, displaying the band's astute ability to create thought-provoking lyrics paired with well crafted, experimental, arrangements, that really makes you feel something.  HAUS are definitely frontrunners for my favourite band of the year so far.

Words of Karla Harris