Happy Gilmore - 'Bad Wine' (Single)

Take a 4 minute journey into the mind of Nashville's Happy Gilmore with new single 'Bad Wine'.

On first listen, the deep, dark and somewhat saddened vocal over a mellow and warm guitar section takes me back to when Noah and The Whale came onto the scene. T

'Bad Wine' is a trip through the overwhelming sense of depression and heartbreak that pulls at both guitar and heart strings throughout. The final third however provides that glimpse of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Recorded entirely by Happy Gilmore himself, within his bedroom, there is a distinct rawness to the track. I like to imagine Happy Gilmore being the kid at the back of the class who never really spoke, all the while hiding this hidden talent to write emotive and meaningful music. I would say his time has now come to reveal his potential and make people take notice.

'Bad Wine' is one of those that could easily be added to an evening summer playlist, whilst simultaneously slotting in nicely on a cold winters evening. Keep an eye out for Happy Gilmore as I highly doubt this is the last we've heard from him".

Words of Project 92

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