Blonde Roses - 'Anymore' (Single)

Photography by Julie Gautreaux

Blonde Roses grace us with a magnificent taste of what is to come in new cut, 'Anymore' taken from their forthcoming EP, ‘Hell or High Water’.

'Anymore' is a psychedelic rock throw-back that builds upon a sparse melodic theme until your mind is blown by the triumphant anthem that it becomes. A growly, fuzzy guitar introduces the riff, followed by subtly placed vocals. The second verse kicks it up a notch with the rest of the instrumentation entering the picture, and the vocals transitioning from gentle to determined.

The track bams it up to 11 with singer, Molly Portier, showing us what she’s got. The effects used on both the instruments and the voices on this track create an ethereal veil around the crunchy clarity of a well-produced song. This swirling, floaty feel draws you in, putting you in a dimly lit club with Blonde Roses tearing up the stage. The guitar solo pans around your head, distorted, screaming like a distant banshee. The track lets up briefly before the final closing chorus punches its way back in with all its anthemic glory.

The lyrics of the song match the music’s slow bloom, telling a story of coming out the other side of a choking, claustrophobic place. The final lines of the song culminating in the liberating mantra “You don’t own me anymore” repeating with heartfelt sincerity.

Words of Samuel Hylands