Black Honey - 'Somebody Better' (Single)

Black Honey strive for self-improvement in infectious new single 'Somebody Better'.

'Somebody Better' is instantly familiar as a rocking indie tune easy to love. Flying straight in with a guitar riff infused with all the summertime fun that a Brighton 4-piece can offer, Black Honey have crafted a real corker of a track.

Izzy B. Phillips puts just the right amount of ‘cutesy’ into her vocals for them to be distinct, but not so much that they’re sickly or distracting. That said, there is plenty of power in there too. Along with the lead vocal line, there are lashings of backing vocal harmonies throughout the song that combine with the instrumentation, showing an all-round high-class production. Throughout the verses the drummer dances around the tom-toms and the bass contrasts with a much straighter line which adds to the drive of the track.

Containing  honest and self-examining lyrics such as "I guess I’ll learn to be somebody better",  the chorus touches on themes of self-reflection and growth in light of failed interactions and relationships. It's catchy delivery sticks in your mind and I’ve found myself singing it a number of times without realising, in the week since first hearing it. This is a good thing, as it’s reminding me that I should strive to do better. All in all, this is a happy tune, built upon something deeper.

Words of Samuel Hylands