The Artist Explains: Rachel Faith - 'Small' (Single)

Chicago-based artist Rachel Faith speaks to us about the ideas behind her dark and intimate single, 'Small'.
'Small' sees Rachel Faith weave alternative pop and electronic R&B influences together to create a brooding and atmospheric backdrop to accompany her evocative and intoxicating vocals. In its entirety, 'Small' is both a visceral and well-considered offering, bleeding this raw emotion and heart-wrenching honesty that is so palpable and so real,  it's very hard not to be moved by it.

Rachel Faith Explains: 
 "Small", was created and inspired by sadness, honestly. It was born out of that deflated feeling of insignificance. Whatever the case may be, the feeling that you're constantly disappointing someone is so defeating. With that in mind, I didn't want to over-complicate anything with production...mostly organic sounds, nothing too obstructive, but a chord progression that affected me and lyrics with a left-of-center pattern and lot of imagery."

Feature by Karla Harris