Preview: Flying Vinyl Festival - 08/04/2017

Exploding onto the new music scene in 2015 with their record collector box-sets, Flying Vinyl's monthly boxes contain 5 exclusively pressed vinyl records showcasing the best new alternative music for just £20pm.

Flying Vinyl's creator Craig Evans  had the idea of building a culture for physical music that answered the disposable nature of digital playlisting. As well as building a dedicated fan base, Flying Vinyl has become a pioneer in the international resurgence of vinyl. 3.2 million records were sold in UK in 2016, the highest sales for 25 years.

Flying Vinyl is a beacon of light for the lovers of vinyl and new music, injecting up and coming musicians into their record collections, with releases that you wouldn't usually stumble across in your usual music store. Not only is there this fantastic service, but after last years sold out event, the team at Flying Vinyl are hosting their second festival at London's Oval Space.

It’s a small festival with a punk DIY ethos aimed towards the celebration of physical music. With exciting surprises planned on the day, they have hand crafted their own Flying Vinyl larger with Sam Brookes to mark the occasion! With an amazing line up featuring the likes of The Wytches, Spring King, Dream Wife & many more.

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