Photo Gallery: The Pigeon Detectives @ The Leadmill, Sheffield 07/03/17

With a sold out night at The Leadmill, Sheffield was indeed buzzing for The Pigeon Detectives to enter the stage. 

The Pigeon Detectives - The Leadmill - 07/03/17

Beer was flying and so was the mosh pit. Front man Matt Bowman sparked the set off with classic old Pigeon’s tunes off of 2007 album “Wait For Me” to which the crowd were instantly in the palm of Bowman’s hand. Bowman is a fantastic front man and managed to maintain his high amount of energy from start to finish… and the crowd did their best to keep up with the fast pace. Following the release of The Pigeon Detectives’ most recent studio album “Broken Glances” they performed “Sounding the Alarm” and latest single “Wolves” which sounded brilliant live and went down very well. As the consistent energy boomed throughout the set, Bowman drenched himself – and probably all the people on the barrier – with numerous bottles of water, The Leadmill was well and truly a hot, sweaty, room. But a bloody good hot, sweaty, room. As the set began to wind up, Bowman instructed everybody to get onto the shoulders of the person stood next to him or her. Following these instructions, the crowd was suddenly filled with people on top of each other’s shoulders, singing along to another Pigeon’s classic. Following this, Bowman himself ended up on top of the crowd! Microphone in hand… not quite sure how that turned out in the end…

Overall The Pigeon Detectives have still definitely got it, and Sheffield was more than happy to give them exactly what they wanted.

Feature and Photography by Hollie Jane Ann Wright