Live Review - Sleigh Bells & Dream Wife - Electric Ballroom, London 22/02/2017

Sleigh Bells are back!

And they always bring a mixture of followers, with the Poison the Well fans to those who learned how to dance to Enter Shikari, so we caught them at their London tour date this February at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. The home of everything slightly weird.

Dream Wife have the role of warming up the room for Sleigh Bells this evening, and despite having heard their name bounce about in several places, I have yet to see them live. With a number of festival appearances already announced, I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. Strutting the stage with their take on angry pop, kind of like a mixture of Debbie Harry thrown into a blender with a Quentin Tarantino film. With a small dedication to Sleigh Bells midway through their set, as the band described how Dream Wife started, the band is welcome by a crowd that isn't theirs.

Dream Wife - Electric Ballroom - 22/02/2017

As I mentioned earlier, Sleigh Bells are back! And as the band smash straight into "I Know Not To Count On You" the room erupts into a full blown riot! Their set varies for vibes to Lady Gaga fused pop to industrial hardcore. Vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Edward Miller take the room on an intense creative journey, its harsh and rough, but yet clean and pure.

Sleigh Bells - Electric Ballroom - 22/02/2017

I've not only said it once but twice, and now three times!

Sleigh Bells are back!

Words and Photography by Ant Adams