Live Review - Decade - Rock City Basement - Nottingham, 10/03/2017

Rock City’s basement has played host to a handful of incredible up and coming bands over the past few months. This particular Friday night held no exceptions, with British boys Decade taking the stage. Having just released their album, Pleasantries, the guys were back to showcase their newly acquired setlist, with both old and new material making an appearance.

South London lads Wallflower were first up; a five-piece outfit with a clear emo influence. From the off, lyrical melancholy oozes through frontman Vinicius, who brings an ethereal feel to the room with his distinctive emotional volume. Personal favourite Sleep Forever captivated the crowd instantly, displaying such an engaging level of emotion. As well as the inarguably impressive vocals, each aggressive riff aids their emo-tinged sound. Even with this destructive sound, the quintet appear humble and modest, which boosts their appeal significantly. Wallflower’s potential is certainly an exciting prospect, with the crowd radiating admiration throughout their set.

Wallflower - Rock City Basement - 10/03/17 - Nottingham

Second support Big Spring took the angst up a notch, with confidence shining through each member as they took to the stage. Their visceral sound promotes their carefree attitude to performing, with the frontman bouncing around throughout the set. Despite creating such an almighty sound, the band make it look effortless; as if they’re jamming in their garage with no care in the world. This undeniably positive vibe they emit automatically draws me in. Their newest hit 5th of July showcases a different feel to their previous material, but for me, works on a whole new level. Their heavier influence draws me in, eager to hear more of this new material. A very impressive set leaves expectations high for the headliner.

Big Spring - Rock City Basement - Nottingham - 10/02/17

With such a level to live up to, Decade come through with style. Opening with Peach Milk showcased the talent that can be heard on Pleasantries, whilst incorporating the familiar style we’ve come to love over the past few years. The set stays at this level of intensity throughout, combining their usual refined harmonies with those sweet melodic hooks. Weaving into some slower singles gave the crowd a chance to be moved by frontman Alex Sears’ charming southern drawl, before being catapulted right back into the angst. Older material from previous release Good Luck signified a surge of life, finding its way back into the limelight for the night. Whilst the older material was received with open arms, their new material showcased the passion this band has, which shone through the sing along each song provoked among the crowd. Closing hit Daisy May sent the crowd into madness, further emphasizing the effect that this album has had on both the crowd and band, who couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. A truly amazing night that I won’t forget for some time.

Decade - Rock City Basement - Nottingham - 10/03/17

Words by Cait Biggs and Photography by Ryan Winstanley