Kingdom of Birds - 'Rain Song' (Single)

Canadian  four-piece Kingdom of Birds shares 'Rain Song' taken from their 2017 4-track  EP, 'EP'
Taking inspiration from alternative rock and indie rock across the last two decades, Kingdom of Birds are young mavericks containing a wealth of confidence, talent and maturity that far surpasses their tender ages. You see, the band is made up of multi instrumentalist and singer, Ása (aged 14) multi-instrumentalist and singer, Brighid, (aged 14),  bass player, Zeul (aged 14) and Sam (aged 9) but you wouldn't think they were so young when listening to them.

'Rain Song' is a smoky, slow burner with haunting vocals and instrumentation so full of atmosphere and emotion, it's very hard not be moved by it. This is a band who hits you in the heart with everything they have through their mature lyricism, enchanting vocals, wonderful harmonies and extraordinarily crafted, deeply textured, arrangements.  

Kingdom of Birds are a band who are making magic together. You come away from listening to them knowing something really special has just happened. 

Words of Karla Harris