George Will - 'Dawn' (Album)

Latvian solo artist George Will shares 'Rust' taken from his debut post-rock album 'Dawn'.

George Will is clearly a man with post-rock running through his veins. With the hiatus of his previous outfit Audrey Falls, he’s strode out on his own to continue pursuing an enticing blend of cinematic, metal-infused post-rock.

While recent album release ‘Dawn’ ranges from introspective moments of quiet piano (see: the lovely opening title track and follow-on cut ‘Mist’) to full-on wall-of-guitar rage, it’s the latter that just about weighs more heavily on the nine tracks on offer. As a neat summary of the heavier elements, the track ‘Rust’ delivers a satisfying blast of intense instrumental music. Nicely combining melodic elements, effective strings and a particularly rich guitar tone, ‘Rust’ is a polished affair that is quick to build and release in all the right places. Given the high standard set throughout the album however, such a summary could be levelled at 'Dawn' in general.

As a nod to the rest of the album, it’s worth noting that although it can be difficult to sink hooks into the listener with music based predominately on heavy chords, the subtler guitar work ensures each track has a definite character. For example, the threatening introduction of ‘Iris’ leads into some sublime peaks and troughs. However, of particular note is seventh track ‘Rhea’, which simply demands to be heard. Whilst struggling for anything other than the usual bombastic adjectives applied to post-rock’s bigger moments, ‘Rhea’ is an utterly spell-binding piece that would provide perfect accompaniment to the biggest and best wide-screen experience. Simply stunning.

Fans of Isis and Russian Circles will find much to embrace on this ambitions, impressive post-rock tour de force.

Words of DS_convertible

'Dawn'  is available on Spotify, here.