Dear Kora - 'Sunflower' (Single)

LA-based ambient rock outfit Dear Kora release their searing debut single, 'Sunflower'. 
'Sunflower' opens with an exotic ambient air about it, calling upon images of disturbed wind chimes on humid dusty evenings,  getting a relaxed backdrop for lead-vocalist Avery Robitaille's distinctive and textured vocals to come in, showcasing an incredible range, non-conventional in its delivery and something you just want to hear more and more of.

As 'Sunflower' progress, there's a storm brewing. Ambient and alluring frequently makes way for heavier alternative rock arrangements courtesy of guitarist Kevin Holm and drummer Sean Baker, as Robitaille's vocals reach full peak, impressing with her control and astounding with the raw cracks of emotion that shines through.

The track is inspired by Robitaille's move to America from Indonesia, and is about running away from reality and pursuing what makes you happy. As well as the fear that comes along with settling down in a new place.  'Sunflower' is at once vulnerable and exposed yet firmly rooted.  The track wreaks beautiful havoc, finding Dear Kora weathering an emotive storm of their own creation until they are well and truly spent.

Words of Karla Harris