B.Miles - 'Typical Words' / 'Rude' (Singles)

B.Miles shares 'Typical Words' and 'Rude' taken from her upcoming self titled EP out March 17.

'Typical Words' reminds me of gleaming crystals, rippling streams and trickling water. Of squinting up at a cloudy sky and seeing the hazy sun start to break through. Of winter's cold, magic, touch freezing fields. Of that bitter, lingering chill you can't quite shake off.

 Listening to B. Miles enthralling voice becomes a compulsion, an irresistible pleasure you can't get enough of as electronic influences smoothly combine with scorching guitar lines, and then that funky, dark, bass groove kicks in, demanding your head to bop, summoning your toes to tap, whilst heady strings flood the senses. 'Typical Words' slightly bends reality, becoming a compelling and moreish combination of sonic influences, quite untypical in its execution.

'Rude' displays a different sound entirely. Emotive, dramatic strings combine with laid back electronic beats as B. Miles' vocals take on a more sultry, smoky, noir tone, showing that whatever clever, stylistic infusions and eclectic, creative decisions are presented, B. Miles is intoxicating and gladly so.

Words of Karla Harris