Bellicose - 'Your City' (Single)

London based all female band Bellicose shares their sultry indie rock debut single, 'Your City'.

Formed whilst the members were at the University of Westminster in January 2016, Bellicose have wasted no time in making themselves heard. New single “Your City” is the first from what is shaping up to be a hell of a debut EP, with the band’s three part harmonies making an immediate impact in a way that not many acts can manage.

The members of Bellicose bonded over a shared love of Fleetwood Mac, Warpaint and Wolf Alice, influences that have all made their mark on 'Your City'. The vocal harmony of guitarist Laura McNab and bassist Iona Cameron is perfectly coupled with Izzy Horsley’s soft, emotional keyboards and the atmospheric drums of Sophie Obbard. All of this is shot through with a backbone of classic guitar and bass riffs that help pull the track away from calming folk rock, and into something much more interesting.

Bellicose are a relatively new band, and not exactly a household name. But with 'Your City' being as good as it is and a debut EP on the way, it’s doubtful they’ll stay undiscovered for long.

Words of Jake Hawkes