The Band Explains: SHINERS - '(I Feel So) Blunt'

Last month, London-based four-piece SHINERS shared ‘(I Feel So) Blunt’, the first track from their forthcoming debut EP and we spoke to the band about the ideas behind the song and the accompanying visuals.
Channeling catchy. upbeat britpop and indie-rock vibes, '(I Feel So) Blunt' was produced by SHINERS alongside producer Hugh Worskett and mixed by Eduardo De La Paz. You can catch the band live supporting Mowbeck with Cavaliers at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen this Friday (31st)!

Shiners Explains:
"(I Feel So) Blunt is the first track we are releasing from our debut EP which is out in the spring. It's an exciting track to release for us as it is much more down-beat and lyrically very emotive making unlike anything we have released up until this point.

Lyrically the song reflects a number of different feelings. The most obvious of these revolves around a relationship which is broken but keeps everyone trapped in it as they go through the daily grind. It's about holding onto what you have because there's no choice but to, and feeling to worn down to really care. The other main theme which I've already touched on is the working week which hits you as you grow up; you known, after you've had that teenage/uni/party whatever phase and then you have to get a job? There's a real part of me in this song as I was learning what 'being a grown up' really meant.

I wanted to reflect these ideas in the video and knew from the outset that it had to be in black and white. I also wanted to include as many normal everyday things in the video, hence the toaster and the kettle etc. We worked with Callum Scott-Dyson who did our video for 'Goosebumps' and he totally got the sombre feel we wanted and helped us to create it. A big influence on the style was the video for 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police as that captured exactly the feeling I wanted this video to have.

We shot it in a day above a pub in Camden which had the bonus of a kitchen, so lunch was particularly good that day! The room itself is actually a function room so we had to dress it to look more 'homely' but it has large windows and a good lighting rig which all proved useful during the shoot."

Feature by Karla Harris